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About the Conference

International Conference on Cancer Research & Oncology on November 07-08, 2024, in Barcelona | Spain this conference brings together world-class oncologists, researchers, and experts to explore the latest advancements in cancer research, innovative treatment strategies, and global healthcare initiatives. Attendees will engage in insightful discussions, collaborative workshops, and networking opportunities, contributing to the ongoing fight against cancer and the improvement of patient care. Barcelona, with its vibrant culture and rich history, provides an inspiring backdrop for this important gathering in the field of oncology.
Emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and multidisciplinary approaches, the conference seeks to catalyze breakthroughs in cancer research, therapy, and patient-centered care. It promises to provide a platform where scientists, clinicians, and healthcare professionals can exchange ideas and strategies, ultimately driving progress in the relentless battle against cancer on a global scale.

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Our Sessions / Topics


  •   Cancer Biology
  •   Oncology
  •   Carcinoma
  •   Chemotherapy
  •   Radiation therapy
  •   Immunotherapy
  •   Genetic mutations
  •   Biomarkers
  •   Metastasis
  •   Cancer screening
  •   Clinical trials
  •   Precision medicine
  •   Targeted therapy
  •   Chemoprevention
  •   Palliative care
  •   Radiation oncologist
  •   Medical oncologist
  •   Surgical oncologist
  •   Cancer epidemiology
  •   Cancer genetics
  •   Cancer immunology
  •   Cancer biology
  •   Cancer staging
  •   Cancer risk factors
  •   Cancer prevention
  •   Pediatric oncology
  •   Gynecologic oncology
  •   Hematology oncology
  •   Prostate cancer
  •   Chemotherapy
  •   Lung cancer
  •   Colorectal cancer
  •   Pancreatic cancer
  •   Skin cancer
  •   Leukemia
  •   Lymphoma
  •   Carcinogenesis
  •   Angiogenesis
  •   Tumor microenvironment
  •   Epigenetics
  •   Molecular profiling
  •   Cancer therapy side effects
  •   Supportive care
  •   Cancer research funding
  •   Molecular Oncology
  •   Cancer Nursing
  •   Cancer Stem Cells
  •   Pediatric Hematology
  •   Breast Cancer

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